Types of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the best 21st-century marketing technique for both small and big businesses. The reason why inbound marketing is possibly the best marketing tool is that it depends on personal will.

People choose whether or not to allow you in their personal space, if they do then you will get a space in their personal space could be for a lifetime. Inbound marketing spreads information wide and easily. Needless to say, it has the least financial implication on startups and small businesses.

I am not saying that only big businesses can afford inbound marketing. If done properly, inbound is also beneficiary for small businesses and startups. Another myth we believe that, inbound marketing is too expensive, but if you do it right, you can do it in a budget.

Why is inbound marketing proving to be effective even for big businesses? Even if they can afford the pay per click advertisement, in the recent past there has been the development of an app that blocks ads. Some people find ads an all-time irritating.

With inbound marketing, no more pushing and shoving to get the attention. You just utilize your content creation abilities to get some vintage position on the web. So your content will be like an attractive flower, it will be up to the potential customer to choose whether to pick the flower or not.

Way to Go About Inbound Marketing

Content marketing is the best way to fill the needs of a customer. And what are those needs? There are two kinds of needs. Knowledge need and material need.

Most customers want a comprehensive coverage of the knowledge they want before they can even lay hands on the product. Why? Because in advertisements, the retailers convince the buyer how good their product is . Sometimes it ends in disappointments.

So buyers need to see the product doing what the manufacturer claims it can do. That’s where videos come in to rescue the day.

There is nothing about inbound marketing that allows for being shallow.  Doing the inbound marketing by yourself, will not be easy. You will need some help, sought out for professional help. In have seen companies increase their sales by 1000%. What an insanely big turn around? The thing with inbound marketing is that they are accessible 24 hrs.

The buyer searches the net to find a solution to a problem. There and then they come across your informative guide. By the time they are making the purchase they are a 100% sure that they want your product. Or if it is a business to business work with you.

Types of Inbound Marketing

These are the inbound marketing methods. If you execute each of them well, they will guarantee you the best customer turn up. Also, a combination of several of the inbound marketing techniques gives the best results. Just choose the right techniques and also the right channel.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing by shuvo imtiaz

Social media will slowly but surely get you the audience. Certain practices will get you the audience that you require. On the other hand, there are practices that will get you zero audience. These are the things that you ought to avoid doing.

The first thing is basic. You need to come up with a captivating title.  Else you will not win the attention of the intended audience.

Optimize on the general outlook of whatever is that you want to post on social media. Use the best images that you can lay your hands on. The more appealing your content is, the more it will compel readers to give it their time.

Timely posting is vital. Some times of the day people are usually very busy. They will not have the time to see your post. What might happen is that other people might post after you and your post will get lost in the midst of the many posts.

Post your content severally. Just by a single glimpse one is likely to ignore a post. What if it keeps on re-emerging? It will strike the reader that they ought to give it some attention. Remember that the choice of the platform is crucial. Choose a platform that has a concentration of your target audience.

Get employees that will advocate for your brand in different social media platforms. The advocates will be responsible for sharing your content widely and wildly on the different platforms. A tactic that will give them an edge is utilizing the social media communities. It could be Facebook groups, Twitter chats or Google plus communities.

Get people who have an online influence to work for you. There are people already in the social media who have a huge following on the various social media platforms. Such a person will help you a great deal in generating traffic for your content.

Carry out a test before posting the likelihood of your content to the audience you need. There are apps to do that, in these apps you type in the keywords in your content and you will be able to see how contents targeting the same audience are doing. Analyze the contents, and learn how to improve on yours.

Before you start all this social media hype, you need to have a plan. Get the most effective platform. Know your target audience. Stipulate your goals clearly. You will evaluate them later to see if it is working.

I cannot promise you after how long you will start reaping real benefits. Your business will get a loyal following. There will be more potential customers, and their conversion rate will also increase. Through social media, you get to interact with your customers. You tend to their concerns, and right there you build an excellent customer relationship.

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Build Your Personal Brand

You personal brand

Building your personal brand is more of bringing the best in you. Building your brand around your personal skills could be leadership skills. People like to associate to businesses with leaders of a personality they like.

To build your personal brand, you will need to avoid being a copycat. You need to be your real self. It is the way that you present your unique self that will win you the following. Trying to be a person you are not requires too much effort, and in the long run, you are going to lose it.

It is about identifying you and presenting that to the world. You have to set your personal brand apart from the rest. Gather confidence and stand for what you believe to be right. Criticize where criticism is necessary and give accolades where they are worth giving.  Slowly but surely you will climb the ladder and just might be the next big household name.

Participate in giving your opinion in the current affairs. Remember it is not about saying what everyone else is doing. That way you will be put in the category of the rest. That will surely kill your dreams.

Be a learner. It is a dynamic world. There is always a significant change in the industry with every dawn. If you become a mister know it all, you will be on your way to disappointment. Learn the new market trends. Build a brand that other brands will like to be a part of, after all, and no one is an island.

Build an online presence. That matters when it comes to inbound marketing. How well do people know you? How much do they like your online contents? Increase your visibility by updating your online presence every day.

People will like to know your story. Your story is a part of your personal brand; people will get to know how resilience you have been in the quest to build your personal brand. LinkedIn, for example, is a platform that will help you so much in connecting people that have similar interests as you. Such people might help you grow your brand beyond bounds. So you need to have profiles that reflect the real you.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO shuvoimtiaz

To start with search engine optimization means you ought to have a web page. Now, not every other web page gets to rank first or among the first. To rank well in Google searches you will need search engine optimization.

Many think that keywords are everything to search engine optimization. You are wrong. You will need to employ other components that make for search engine optimization. These components need to be acceptable across all search engines.

What we commonly regard as white hat techniques. Remember one thing. Excellent ranking on its own will do you no good. Here is what will happen, you have number one rank on the search engines but no one is looking out for the terms you have used.

For example, if I need to market a coffee maker I can choose on several things. I would consider whether to make an article on coffee makers, or a guide on brewing the best coffee.

I would go with a guide on brewing the best coffee. Why? You will find that most people already own a coffee brewing machine. The only problem that they think they have is on how to make the best coffee. That way I get more traffic.

If I have not already mentioned, most of this inbound marketing go together.  Then I will include a back link to that article to a video of my brewing machine that is better than what they have. So it is about researching on what people are searching for.

The quality of your web page is important. Get a couple of honest friends to help you give you feedback on the user experience. Your side should be easy to navigate through. Else readers will possibly assume it and just walk by. Your web page has to look and be safe to encourage readers on clicking your link.

Authoritativeness of your content will win you a lot of audience. By creating the most authoritative and informative content, other bloggers might refer to your content. As much as readers find your content other bloggers will be helping to bring them your way.

Be careful on how well you use your keywords. Stuffing too many keywords in a single content will not win you the audience. Your content will most probably be redundant. Getting us back to what I said earlier, too much keyword will not guarantee better ranking.

Utilize apps such as the MOZ or SEMrush for automatic reports of how you are doing in terms of SEO. If you are progressively improving that will be excellent. If the app reports that things are bad, you will need to re-evaluate and lay a new strategy.

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Content Marketing


I like to separate the list below with what I have already covered here above. Here are other types of content marketing that are effective for all kinds of businesses.

Content marketing is about creating top-notch content that will attract potential customers. Create content that will persuade customers to read your content. If the content is engaging people will always share your materials. You can make billion dollar businesses, using only content marketing. I have seen how Neil Patel became so successful using, just content marketing.

Content marketing mean more audience for you. Creating good content will make Google want to rank you well. People will spot your good content, and they will be regular visitors to your website.

Advertisements look boring and manipulative, so instead of advertisements that people take as overly exaggerated facts, which makes them lies. Take your time to create incredible and informative content. In this age, that is all people want. Make a content that is probably a step by step guide to install your line of products.

Consumers are wise than we take them to be. They will detect crap when they spot some. So why don’t we save them all the agony and trouble and just do inbound marketing? It will be the choice of the consumer whether to read your article or not. Do not leave it at that, though. Create content that will be a must read.

Tools for Inbound Marketing

Calculator and Quizzes

Calculator and quizzes is an intelligent tool for getting potential customers to learn about your business.  You create quizzes that convey information about your company for example step by step.

Let us say you are aiming at advertising a particular product, for example, shampoo. You could phrase a quiz such as which is the best shampoo for your hair? What that does is that it out rightly draws a high degree of attention for interested persons.

Not to mention. I like phrasing my searches as questions. People who phrase their content as quizzes will more likely find your content.

Calculators are what every business mind need to get the figures of the return on investment. So some brilliant marketers came with the idea that. Someone in their browsing might at some time need a calculator. Once they such for one, your calculator will rescue them.

It will come to the point that they will take an interest in whatever that you are trying to get them to read. What an incredible relationship. It is like reaching out to each other.


Infographics present complex topics in a simple yet comprehensive way. The reason infographics are effective is their ability to convey info in the most beautiful way possible. Information that would have rather taken tons of pages can fit on a single page. Essentially this minimizes the time that a reader will take to finish reading content.

To create infographics, you need to consult the best creators. Some infographics will be considered a joke. It takes a devoted creator to come up with the best combination of words and pictures for the best infographics.

Make the infographics interactive. Whereby recipients raise concerns, and you tend to them. Infographics increase your web visibility. To back up the visibility for the best results you will need to have put in place search engine optimization measures. Else the bigger visibility will be of no use.

Podcast and Videos

Podcast are audio media. So what makes podcast special? The podcast is probably the easiest way to relay information. Why do I say that? You will find that many of the other methods will require more attention.

For example, in infographics, you will need some attention for podcasts, you just sit back and relax. And what an excellent way to do things, Imagine you are trying to assemble a machine.

All you need to do is get on your earphones, and you will be implementing the instruction as they come.  Upload your podcast to all channels someone might just stumble upon them. You can use your podcast to direct the audience to other of your contents.

You can take your content marketing a notch higher and choose to use videos. Videos have the edge over all the other types of content marketing. Video give you the instruction with real illustrations of what you are supposed to do.

Entrepreneurs shun videos due to the idea that they are expensive. Technology has advanced, and you will find affordable devices that will give you high-quality videos. The videos ought to be clear with a fluent and continuous presentation.

The thing about videos is that whenever you search on most of the search engines. Videos rank above all the other content. A good video will bring you home a million dollars.  I go shopping quite often but before I do that I like to do my research. And I do not go reading articles, and it’s not like am saying article are not effective. I like to see the juicer in the real process of juicing. I like to see the products that the juicer can manage comfortably. From the video, I can make my sane judgment. The videos never disappoint me.

Videos also overcome the language barrier. You do not need to understand the language to know that someone is showing how effective a particular detergent is for example. I insist on the quality of the video. Make it a high-quality video.


It is rather challenging to give a wide and comprehensive content marketing by all other means. The book style of content marketing gives a method to use to convey everything that you want to. Books have no limitations.

You can write a hundred or a thousand pages. The size of the content is what will determine the number of pages. Do not forget the one thing that makes inbound marketing possibly the best. Make the book interesting. That way a friend will tell a friend, who will tell a friend, the chain will continue and you will love the results.

To publish a book, you do not have to have cash at hand. You can pay up a small deposit, and the publisher will evaluate the potential of your book. Going back to the bottom line, you require coming up with such a captivating book that the publisher will not hesitate making a deal with you.

By the time the publisher agrees to make a deal with you. You already will have known that the readers can neither resist your work.  You could be a financial advisor or a motivational speaker. The thing is you cannot manage to get to every corner of the world. But if people get to see how incredible you are at what you do through your book they will come looking for you.


In outbound marketing, the competition is even stiffer. Fighting for advertising space and it is always to the highest bidder. That is not even the problem. The bigger problem is that you might end up investing so much while it is not worth the while.

For a start up losing money at such an early stage would be a calamity. So how does inbound marketing prevent possible closure? Inbound marketing could cost you a high initial cost, but there will be minimal maintenance.

It requires a frequent update that does not call for much. Inbound marketing is the right way to go, not only for startups but for all businesses.

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